Habiba Learning Center

Key to our vision here at Habiba is the Learning Center, where we are devoted to the concept of applicable education. In the leafy surrounds of our organic farm in Nuweiba, we provide an after-school education program for local children aged 5-13.

We teach key subjects including Arabic, English and Math. But we believe strongly in a learning that is beyond the books: skills and life-lessons. In virtue of this, many of the activities we run involve subjects such as: Music, Art, Ethics, Social Responsibility and caring for one’s environment. We invite children to get involved in the farm and teach them the importance of producing healthy food.

Students learn Geometry through lego and meccano, Biology through observing plants and animals, Math through functionally applied methods such as using recycled materials. The Learning Center is also dedicated to advancing the particular skills or interests of each individual, and encouraging the development of these skills.

The idea behind the center is to provide children with a place in which they can be free to interact with one another and express and pursue their interests. We are convinced that it is important for children to have a positive and practical environment in which they can explore the world, learn, and develop their skills. It is everybody’s responsibility to create this environment for them.

We are keen to teach our students how to manage resources efficiently and reduce waste. It is essential for children to understand that the world they live in is not only for them but for future generations too.

We hope our vision and goals will be an inspiration to Nuweiba and the world.

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7 thoughts on “Habiba Learning Center

  1. I love your farm! I recently (just before the uprising) visited Egypt and stayed in Sinia as well as Cairo and Luxor. Beuatiful place – the whole country.

    I would perhaps like to visit you in the near future and stay and volunteer at your farm.

    How many guests can you accomodate and how is the tourist business for you? I would love to come and work at your place one day and perhaps offer other skills.

    In loving kindness,

    • Dear Michael
      Thanks your support for our Habiba organic farm.
      The tourist business is slow but sure will pick up soon
      we can accommodate 4 person per period as volunteer
      Hope to see you soon
      Best regards

  2. Hi Maged,

    I will be spending some time in Cairo this October/November, and am very interested in volunteering at your farm.

    Do you have many volunteers at this time? Would there be much chance of language practice? (I am learning Arabic).

    My only concern is spending a month by myself.

    Looking forward to hearing from you- and love what you are doing there.


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