Moringa Oleifera – The Miracle Tree.

Recently at Habiba Organic Farm we have been expanding our crop diversity by introducing the Moringa tree also known as the ‘miracle tree or the ‘tree of life’ to the farm. This week we have planted a 3000 square meter field with saplings. The Moringa tree is native to Africa and Asia and suited to semiarid, subtropical and tropical regions. The strain planted at HOF (oleifera) will grow to approximately seven meters and will be producing harvestable pods in its third growing season.

The Moringa plant is ideally suited to the sandy soils of southern SInai. We can use most of the Moringa plant to benefit the community, its bark, pods and leaves all have useful properties which include making nutritious forage for animals and humans alike. Soup and other dishes are made using young leaves and the pods. Moringa oil can be made by extracting the seeds from the pods

The purpose of our project is to introduce a tree that can help sustain the community and their animals without costing the earth. With time we hope to show that this tree can provide goats with food which can increase both their body mass and milk production.

Below: Moringa pods from a year old specimen.


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