Volunteering in Nuweiba


One thought on “Volunteering in Nuweiba

  1. Greetings to you all,

    First , by only reading about the work you are doing it makes me believe in people and inspired again, and I thank you for that.

    I’m a frequent visitor to Nuweiba ,Taba and Dehab ,for me “Sinai” is the closest -in my imagination- for heaven .

    The end of this month will be my last day working in Cairo as I decided to quit My job and move to Sinai ,you might say for a soul searching journey .

    Aside from my main Job which is an analyst for SONY Europe ,I would like to think of myself as a writer and the people that I meet every time I travel to Sinai are always an inspiration for me .

    That’s why I wanted to ask about your volunteer program (Short or long term) and how can I enroll in it as i’m sure it will be a very beneficial experience for me.

    Either ways I will be in Nuweiba on the 10th of June (next month) So I can start anytime from that date.

    Thank you either ways for your amazing work.

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