Organic Holiday

   Habiba VillageArab Hemdan
M +2 01222 176624Organic Holidays - Habiba Organic Farm, Habiba Village, Arab Hemdan.

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Guest House: sleeps 4+, €90 per night

Reservations from 1 Sept to 31 May

Asparagus, oranges, limes, zucchini, dates, figs, mulberries, artichokes, olives, okra, herbs, etc

Biodynamic Agricultural Association   
An organic farm in a Bedouin settlement– a piece of desert turned into fertile land in Nuweiba between the Red Sea and the Sinai Mountains. We would like to set an example to the Bedouin community so they can transform their land too. Our farm has 3000 m² of land dedicated to growing eggplant, fennel, asparagus, oranges, limes, zucchini, dates, corn, tomatoes, figs, mulberries, artichokes, olives, okra, and herbs such as mint, basil, lemon balm and rosemary. We also have an exchange with the Bedouin organic farmers up in the mountains. The guest accommodation has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. It is a self catering property but with the possibility to be served food on request from our countryside menu.Marketplace: WWOOF AbroadClick here for more info on organic holidays

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