Sinai Palm Foundation

Invest in Sinai Palm Foundation Participate in a community based project, which will bring you a good return on your investment, for an initial payment of 2,200 LE you will have the potential to earn up to 4,000 LE per year. The project involves the planting of Palm Date Trees in a patch of the Nuweiba desert. Lifetime money back guarantee.

Habiba Plantation is the Owner & Manager of the Sinai Palm Foundation Habiba Plantation is owned by Maged El Said, who has been in the Sinai for decades; he has become an upstanding character and one of the pioneers of the tourism industry, investing in both a camp and an organic farm development, after years of working for others and himself.

Share Cropping for the Sinai Palm Foundation The Share Cropping initiative helps demonstrate, to the community, the regions capability to produce international quality Palm Dates, as the Sinai Palm Foundation. Not all residents have the land or infrastructure to do this. Habiba Plantation wants to provide this service to the community, as a means to grow the project and gain more community participation and visibility. With your participation, Sinai Palm Foundation is going to plant 100 high yielding Palm Date Trees in the first phase, from the species of Majedool, Sagey, Barhy, Khalas and Soukary, all well-known and guaranteed production.

Our Plan As supporters of the Sinai Palm Foundation you are able to purchase a share, which is the equivalent of a Palm Date Tree, at the original cost price. We, as Habiba Plantation, will then plant, water and care for the Trees. Therefore, after your initial purchase, you will then be entitled to 90% of your share’s production, or its yield value, we will take 10% for the cultivation.

A healthy Palm Date Tree yields approximately 70 to 200 kg per year, depending on health, weather, size, age and other factors. At this time, Palm Dates sell for at least 20 LE per kilogram. Potentially each Palm Date Tree will yield 1,400 to 4,000 LE each grow cycle/yearly. With this number of Palm Date Trees the Sinai Palm Foundation will produce enough dates to become a formidable supplier of Palm Dates to both Egypt and surrounding countries.

Your Participation Join the Sinai Palm Foundation by purchasing a share, which entitles you to a cash payout based on the average produce of a Date Palm Tree, which is made up in your phase in the Sinai Palm Foundation.

Each share is valued at 2,200 LE for the Majedool (fruit production by 2013) and 800 LE for the Khalas and Barhy (fruit production by 2015).

This purchase comes with a money back guarantee, if at any time you decide you no longer want to be part of the Sinai Palm Foundation, your share will be purchased back at its full original cost price, no questions asked, within 3 months of contract termination.

Life Time Ownership Joining the Sinai Palm Foundation is for life. You also have the opportunity to designate a beneficiary, who will inherit your shares, or you can choose to donate your shares to a community charity, one which is managed by Habiba Plantation.  You have the option to transfer ownership at any time, although there is a 50 LE legal fee per transaction, this can include as many shares as you like. Habiba Plantation can also offer a brokering service for a 5% fee. Ownership ofShare Cropping of Sinai Palm Foundation is contractually guaranteed in accordance with Egyptian law and any disputes will be settled in the Nuweiba Courts. The 10% Habiba Plantationtakes from your share is to support the overheads of the Sinai Palm Foundation (labor, water, electricity, upkeep, etc.)

The Future of the Project Habiba Plantation will be the sole company responsible for sales of the produce.

It is intended within a 5 to 10 year time frame, that Habiba Plantation will handle the refrigeration, packaging, shipping, taxes, etc. It is Habiba Plantation’s intention to employ local Bedouin in the aspect of packaging, to provide alternative income generation.

Why We Do This! At Sinai Palm Foundation we believe joint-venture associations are considered a successful way of doing business, with respect to the community and social development. The Sinai Palm Foundation’s aim is for the landlord and investors to share the profit and success. Business through cooperation and collaboration is the new international method and the powers of social activity, as well as community enhancement projects, are our goal.

Community Impact A mature Palm Date Tree is capable of spawning Baby Palm Trees in its first two years, these Trees will take up 2 to 4 years of care and attention before they begin to produce Palm Dates. These Baby Palm Trees will become the sole property of the Habiba Plantation; to help diversify the local infrastructure and encourage an alternative income to support families throughout Nuweiba and Sinai, Habiba Plantation will, at its discretion, distribute the Baby Palm Trees.


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Sinai Palm Foundation

Habiba Plantation

Habiba Bay, Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt Mobile: +20 122 217 6624              +20 111 200 0711

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